Rosetta Journal Supplementary Edition: IAA Colloquium 2013 Extended Abstracts

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Frank Simons: 'Editorial'

Heffernan, G., Hume, D., Léger, R. & Vrij, M.: 'Introduction'


Xavier Duffy: 'Sites of Conflict as Sites of Memory in Fifth Century BC Greece'

David Hopes: 'What's the Use? Learning from Digital Artefacts, Learning about USers'

Ruth Léger: 'A Sanctuary of Artemis the Fertility Goddess'

Nicola Mureddu: 'A Barrier to be Broken: Change and Continuity in the Transition between the Bronze and Iron Age Aegean'

Thomas Peaple: 'Why Are Slaves Still Funny?'

Elena Perez-Alvaro: 'Experiments on Particle Physics Using Underwater Cultural Heritage: The Dilemma'