Rosetta Journal Issue #12. Summer 2012

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Emma Southon: Editorial

Christina Pouros, Giulia Brunetta and Katie East: Introduction


Carol Atack: 'How to be a good king in Athens – manipulating monarchy in the democratic political imaginary'

Giulia Brunetta: 'Laus vera et humili saepe contingit viro, non nisi potenti falsa: reflections on praise and flattery in the imperial age'

Elizabeth Dollins: 'Leucippe: chasing Achilles Tatius' disappearing heroine'

George Gazis: 'Odyssey 11: the power of sight in the invisible realm'

Vasiliki Kousoulini: 'Archilochus and Lycambes, Alcman’s 5 PMGF and Pindar’s fr. 122 S-M: examples of manipulation of lyric poems by ancient writers and commentators'

Iiro Laukola: 'Propagandizing from the womb: Callimachus' Hymn to Delos and the Oracle of the Potter'

Margaret Robinson Millar: '"All’s fair in love and war." Power and desire in Harold Pinter and Ovid'

Eleanor Reeve: 'Cato the censor and the construction of the vir bonus'

Book Reviews

Marsia Sfakianou Bealby: 'Kim Duistermaat and Ilona Regulski (eds.) (with the collaboration of Gwen Jennes and Lara Weiss), Intercultural Contacts in the Ancient Mediterranean. Proceedings of the International Conference at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, 25th to 29th October 2008 (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 202)'

Marsia Sfakianou Bealby: 'András Hudecz and Máté Petrik (eds.), Commerce and Economy in Ancient Egypt: Proceedings of the Third International Congress for Young Egyptologists 25-25 September 2009, Budapest'

Notes and Shorter Pieces

Sofia Alagkiozidou: 'Female power in Trachiniae and in Hercules Oetaeus: women of fear and women of anger'

Polly Toney: 'Review: Medea by Catherine Edwards, The Crescent Theatre Company, The Crescent Theatre, 4th October 2011'