Rosetta Journal Issue #06. Spring 2009

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Deborah Kerr: Editorial


Dr Kenneth Royce Moore: Was Pythagoras Ever Really in Sparta?

Anastasia Stamolgou: 'The Battle of the Books' : Canon and literary tradition in Literature school textbooks

Francesca Sapsford: Linking the Epigrams With A Theme: The Example of Martial, Books Two and Three

Book Reviews

David J. Newsome: Review of Meneghini & Santangeli Valenzani 2007, I Fori Imperiali: Gli scavi del Comune di Roma (1991–2007)

Francesca Sapsford: Review of Rimell 2008, Martial’s Rome. Empire and the Ideology of Epigram

Simon R. Davies: Review of Pollard (ed.) 2008, Prehistoric Britain

Robin B. Weaver: Review of Insoll 2007, Archaeology: The Conceptual Challenge

Marsia Sfakianou Bealby: Review of Phillips 2008, Aegyptiaca on the Island of Crete in Their Chronological Context: A Critical Review

Notes and Shorter Pieces

Linda Langley: A note on Bronze Age rings and sealstones: their contribution to understanding Aegean cult practices

Gabrielle Villais: Babylon: Myth and Reality at the Louvre, Paris: Exhibition Review

Elizabeth Wheat: Babylon: Myth and Reality at the British Museum, London: Exhibition Review

Amanda Potter, Sue Day & Pauline Rochelle: Conference Report: Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature 2008–Late. Open University: 24–25 January 2009

Marianne Bergeron, Joanna Brown & Virginia Campbell: Conference Report: Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History 2009. University of Reading: 28 March 2009