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I am proud to have been at the helm of this bumper issue of Rosetta Issue Six is our largest issue yet. Whilst this is my last issue as Editor, it heralds a number of firsts for the journal. We have our first review of a non-English language book, our first Note, and for the first time two pairs of complementary reports one of which is our first review of an exhibition held outside the UK.

The number of pieces from those outside our home institution of the University of Birmingham is growing with each issue, reflecting the prominence that Rosetta is gaining on a national and international level. The breadth of submissions in this issue, from Modern Greek education to ancient Greek thought, from Roman epigram to the archaeology of prehistoric Britain and the Aegean, demonstrates that Rosetta holds true to its aim of uniting the interdisciplinary subjects based in the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity here at Birmingham.

In another first for Rosetta, it will be playing host to the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient Literature, to be held later this year at the University of Birmingham. Speakers at AMPAL 2009 will have the opportunity to have their papers published in a special edition of the journal and Rosetta will also be sponsoring a prize at the first ever AMPAL poster competition. Whilst most of Rosettas success is due to its dedicated team of Specialist Editors who volunteer their time to comment on and critique pieces submitted for consideration, this year we have also been lucky to receive a small grant from the Roberts Fund, as I mentioned in the last issue. This money has been invaluable in producing publicity materials to send to external conferences to promote Rosetta, and to fund a launch event for each issue this year we might not be able to pay our staff in money, but we hope that large amounts of celebratory cake can show our appreciation for all their hard work!

It remains for me to thank the current editorial team, especially Laura Snook and Erika Johnson, for all their help over the past year in putting together the two issues that have formed our tenure, and to pass on my best wishes to the new editorial board and committee.

Deborah Kerr