The Rosetta Forum Committee

The Forum is and always will be run by Postgraduates. This year’s committee is formed of Guy Kirkham-Smith, Kerrie Myers and Elizabeth Crump.

Guy is a 3rd Year PhD student comparing the use of sound in Homeric literature and exploring Near-Eastern Influences on Ancient Greek culture. He is supervised by Gideon Nisbet and Ken Dowden.

Kerrie is a 3nd Year PhD student studying the role of demons within Babylonian incantation and ritual texts. She is supervised by Cale Johnson (Universiteit Leiden) and Martin Bommas.

Elizabeth is a 3nd Year PhD student researching the development of the discourse of autocracy in Julio-Claudian Literature. She is supervised by Diana Spencer and Gareth Sears.

If you would like to get involved with the committee, please get in touch!