Rosetta journal Issue #01. Autumn 2006


All articles are available for download and printing as pdfs



Helen Goodchild: Editorial  | PDF



Mari Gough: Historical Perception in the Sargonic Literary Tradition   | PDF


Catherine Parker: Arkadian Landscapes | PDF


Jane Wardropper: Hospitals built by the owners of industry, for their workers, in Great Britain 1840-1950  | PDF


Polyvios Konis: The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Christ  | PDF



Reports and reviews:

Simon Buteux: Thirty years of Birmingham Archaeology: A Career in Ruins | PDF


Charlotte Andrews: Conference Report: 'World Heritage: Global Challenges, Local Solutions', Ironbridge, UK, 4-7 May 2006  | PDF


Simon Davies: Review of Carman and Carman 2006 Bloody Meadows  | PDF


Deborah Kerr: Review of Dowden 2006 Zeus   | PDF


Helen Goodchild: Review of Butterworth and Laurence 2005 Pompeii: The Living City | PDF